UFL Website 

2018 | Website Curation

Milk Branding Agency
Creative & Design Director: Sarah Melrose
Design Team: Jeannie Burnside
Website Developer: Gareth Lockett (from 1976)
Website visuals and content curation: Olivia Aukafolau

UFL Group is New Zealand owned and operated, with decades of experience in high quality commercial furniture from iconic global designers and fresh local talent. UFL were looking for support and guidance with the rebrand of their website. The brief was to work closely with Milk branding agency and UFL to curate all the visual and graphic elements for the website. This involved sourcing and retouching images, having a strong understanding of the brand, following best UX/UI practices and a basic HTML knowledge. The end result was a new website projecting the brand in a fun, fresh and unconventional way.

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2017 | Publication Design, Photography, Copywriting

AUT Graduate Show (Open Exhibition)

CineColour explores how colour is used within New Zealand films and the emotional impact the application of colour can have on an audience. The project stems from my great interest in films and curiosity about how designers can thoughtfully select colours. The project presents multiple perspectives through film analysis, written text, photography and publication design. Each book deals with a specific emotion and its corresponding colour. 

Tides Typeface

2017 | Typography

Tides typeface is inspired by Pacific people and culture which provide its distinct colour. The creation of the typeface was driven by issues that Pacific communities deal with whilst living in Auckland. The main issue stems from separation and the idea of people being pulled apart. Movement is a key theme I wanted to highlight as I saw strong historical ties with Pacific navigation of the great seas to modern day navigation of immigration to Auckland.

Personal Identity

2019  | Branding

A passion project to create a personal identity which encapsulates my individual style/design. A little bit fun with a colour palette to match. 

Beauty Week
2020 | Creative Direction/
Campaign Design

Beauty Week was brought to fruition through the partnership of L’Oréal as the official stocklist of TheMarket. The brief was to introduce our customers to the wide variety of products L’Oréal has to offer and to present TheMarket as the one-stop shop for purchasing beauty. What was asked of us was clean, minimal and elevated design. As project lead, I worked on the creative direction focusing on a soft feminine colour palette, utilising subtle gradients to make sure that the product was the focal point in each composition. The ribbon motif was created by the team to bring smooth motion graphics into the campaign for social platforms. The result was a highly successful event which saw a lift in sales in the beauty and health category.

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